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Nature Bunny Says Vol. 7

Earth Fair 2018

In April, we participated in this year’s Earth Fair in Balboa Park. Earth Fair provides a venue for organizations and institutions that celebrate the earth to connect with the public and introduce alternative, eco-conscious lifestyles. For the second year, we were part of San Diego County’s Reuse and Repair pavillion. We spoke to many people about how important it was to reuse their empty containers and refill them at Earthwell Refill. We saw many familiar faces, while introducing our concept to a new audience. It was refreshing to spend the day with like-minded people such as Steven from Reusable Finds ( Reusable Finds is located off of Morena Blvd, and they rescue and refurbish old items like lamps, jewelry, and chairs before they reach the landfills. We were across the green space from Malia Designs... this company practices fair trade and sells handbags and wallets from recycled cement bags. You can find their handbags and wallets at our store. If you missed this year’s Earth Fair, you can find pictures of this lovely event on Yelp:


Check Out What’s New in the Store

We’re really excited to announce our own hand soap. Our hand soap comes in two lovely scents, Lemongrass/Sage and Eucalyptus/Grapefruit. Our all natural hand soap costs $.59/oz and cleans your hands gently without any harmful chemicals.

Parker Safety Razors - Safety razors are better for the environment. The EPA estimates that over 2 billion plastic disposable razors are thrown away each year. In addition, shaving with a safety razor reduces skin irritation, shave bumps, and ingrown hairs that are common with cartridge or electric razors. The main reason is that with a safety razor you have only one blade against your skin at any time. Our Parker Safety Razors cost less than $30 and include 5 razor blades to get you started.

Witch Hazel - New to our DIY section, Witch Hazel is a natural astringent and helps bruises and blemishes fade. Not only can witch hazel remove excess oil and shrink pores, it can also soothe bug bites and stings. Make sure you have this anti-inflammatory remedy with you while gardening and after shaving or sun-bathing. We sell this traditional tonic for $0.59 an ounce.

Bulk Soap Nuts - At Earth Fair, I introduced people to Soap Nuts. Soap Nuts are dried berries that, when agitated in water, produce a natural surfactant that gently cleanses laundry. Clothes comes out clean, soft, and fresh-smelling. No dyes or added fragrance means it’s ideal for sensitive skin types. These powerful nuts are pretty economical, too... 5 nuts last for 10-15 washes. We sell our soap nuts for $1.79/oz.

Shikai Vanilla Lotion - All of Shikai’s hand and body lotions have a high concentration of pure Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe sensitive skin, luxurious Shea Butter to provide a soft and silky feeling, and clinically proven Borage Oil to deliver moisture and relief to dry skin. These natural oils will absorb quickly without leaving an oily feel and will provide your skin with long-lasting softness. You can also find this warm and exotic scent in Shikai’s Shower Gel.

Griffin Remedy’s Bulgarian Lavender Lotion - Griffin Remedy Moisturizing Body Lotion with MSM is all-natural, with no artificial ingredients & no parabens. MSM is an organic sulfur compound sometimes called nature’s beauty mineral. MSM is known for making cell walls more permeable, thus letting more nutrients in and allowing toxins to pass out of the cells. New to our Griffin Remedy lotion line is this soothing lavender scent.

WATM Water Bottles - We love to support local vendors, like these two guys from North Park. WATM Water Bottles are reusable water bottles with a charitable twist. This spiffy bottles also have a built-in strainer so you can make tea or infuse your water with fruits and vegetables. But wait, there’s more! 20% of all proceeds go to positive movements like local beach clean-ups or feeding the hungry. You choose the category for the donation based on the bottle you purchase… Health, Education, Nature, or Hunger.

Bottle Saver Update

To date, we have refilled over 3,000 containers! Pat yourself on the back for making this happen!

Earthwell Refill Videos!

We have been fortunate to have customers who are good with video cameras. Click and enjoy!

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