Earthwell Recognized as a 
78th Business District 
2019 Business of the Year

Earthwell Refill has been officially recognized by California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria as a 78th Business District 2019 Business of the Year. We love our neighborhood and appreciate this honor.

Earthwell Donates to the San Diego Zoo

Earthwell Refill is proud to have made the first of many donations to the San Diego Zoo. Two of our empty 55-gallon drums will be used by the zoo as enrichment toys for the monkeys! We are overjoyed at this incredible re-use and thank the Zoo's Stephanie Gloede for helping to make it happen! 

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Earthwell Refill Promotional Video
Earthwell Refill at EarthFair 2017 Video

On April 23rd, 2017, Earthwell Refill attended the 28th annual EarthFair in San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park. Katrina was interviewed there by San Diego350 about our mission and products. Please follow the link to watch the video!

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San Diego Uptown News Article

Ecofriendly business refills used containers with natural products


By John Gregory


Residents who want to help preserve the environment while saving cash may bring their empty containers to Earthwell Refill and leave with the same containers filled with natural products of their choice. The store will refill the containers with anything a customer wants, from household cleaning liquid to body lotion to shampoo.


It’s a way to re-use containers and reduce the massive quantity of plastic waste building in the landfills, according to owners Kris and Katrina Oprisko.


In addition, all the products from Earthwell Refill are plant and mineral based. The products at Earthwell refill help reduce the carbon footprint.


“Once you use them, you don’t go back,” Katrina said.


The Opriskos recently opened Earthwell Refill this fall in North Park. The concept is not new, but the store is the first of its kind in the Uptown area of San Diego. The owners are expecting customers who want to make a difference in the way the earth is treated.


“There is a population in North Park that is very concerned about the environment,” Katrina said.


The Opriskos, who left San Diego a few years ago and moved back with their two children, were looking to begin a new business. Kris was one of the founders of IDW Publishing, a San Diego-based comic publisher that has risen to international fame. He left that company and eventually became interested in starting another business, this time with his wife. Now, he said he is glad to be doing “some substantial good in the world.”


Katrina had always used natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products in her home, so when she came across similar refill stores, she began to consider the concept for a family.


“We really want to start people thinking of refilling instead of just tossing things away,” Kris said. “Hopefully, we can create a tide that can make a dent on the overflowing landfills and polluted oceans.”


Examples of containers that can be refilled by Earthwell Refill are plastic shampoo containers, hand lotion containers, dishwashing liquid bottles, both glass and plastic beverage bottles, and many food containers such as yogurt tubs.


Products available at Earthwell include lotion, soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent. All the products are plant and mineral based.


Customers can simply bring in their empty containers, which can be refilled as long as they are clean and dry. The empties are weighed, filled with the product chosen, and reweighed. All products are sold by the ounce.


Earthwell Refill offers discount for nine ounces and above, encouraging customers to buy in larger quantities to save money. Customers may save by getting the exact amounts of product they want, plus many of the products, such as some of the cleaning detergents, are in concentrated form and meant to be diluted in water, which means they will go farther before needing to be replenished.


Earthwell makes an effort to use local products as much as possible, including West Coast brands Biokleen, Copper Moon Apothecary, EO, Ecos Pro, Griffin Remedy, ShiKai and Uncle Harry’s. Essential oils may be added to the many unscented products to produce the desired scent.


The store also offers lip care products and deodorants in compostable packaging, locally produced bar soap and hand-poured soy candles.


Gift items include jewelry, candles and leather goods. More unusual items are the gecko sculptures made from recycled cans, and necklaces, bracelets and earrings created with antique typewriter keys.


There is even a men’s corner with items such as aftershave, after shaving gel and men’s deodorant. The men’s items can be scented with masculine essential oil blends such as “Forest” and “Spicy.”


Gift baskets are available for the holidays. Some have been pre-made but others can be filled with any Earthwell Refill product the customer chooses. Each gift basket comes with a discount coupon for future refill. 


The Opriskos have considered adding art displays and holding craft workshops in their store, and hosted a Meet the Artist event Dec. 10 with Richard Shaw who creates whimsical 3D Wire Art. 


Katrina said customer reaction to Earthwell Refill has been very positive so far. “Everyone has been overwhelmingly ecstatic. They love the concept,” she said.


Katrina described how one day a woman parked her car nearby and sent her husband into the store. When Katrina stepped outside to see where the man had come from, she spotted the woman in the car shouting, “We’re glad you’re here.”

Opening Day Press Release
PLEASE NOTE we are now located at 4114 Adams Ave, Kensington

Earthwell Refill, New Eco-Minded Natural Product Refill Shop, Opens in North Park


November 14,2016 - Earthwell Refill provides eco-conscious San Diego shoppers a way to fight the excessive plastic waste accumulating in our oceans and landfills. Earthwell Refill is a family owned and operated business located at 2603B University Avenue, just a few blocks west of the North Park sign, and is open every day except Tuesday from 11am to 7pm.


A glance at the top ten marine debris items ( reveals much that can-and should-be reused. Beverage bottles both glass (#7 most common item) and plastic (#5), along with their lids (#4), make excellent receptacles for Earthwell Refill’s natural products. Even many food containers (#3) such as yogurt tubs can be refilled again and again.


In an effort to reduce toxins in the home, all products are plant and mineral based. An array of natural products such as lotion, hand soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, & dishwashing liquid will be sold. Earthwell Refill’s core concept is reusability. Customers bring in their clean, dry containers which are weighed, filled with the product of their choice, and reweighed to find the price. Since all products are sold by the ounce, it’s easy to buy exactly the amount desired.


In line with its environmentally conscious philosophy, Earthwell Refill sources its products as locally as possible, offering brands from the West Coast such as Biokleen, Copper Moon Apothecary, Ecos Pro, Essential Wholesale and Labs, Griffin Remedy, ShiKai, and Uncle Harry's. 


The selection of carefully chosen retail goods at Earthwell Refill further reinforces its values: lip care and deodorant in compostable packaging; locally made bar soap and hand-poured soy candles that are 100% natural; jewelry made from salvaged antique typewriters and a selection of leather goods crafted in University Heights that stress reusability and sustainability.


Gift baskets are also offered for that holiday shopper searching for the perfect gift. All gift baskets include a coupon for a future refill. They are available pre-made, or can be filled with any Earthwell Refill product. Empty bottles in many sizes are also offered for the customer’s convenience.


Earthwell Refill can be found online at and on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter