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Who We Are

     Hello, we are the Oprisko Family: Kris, Katrina, Rohan and Malia. We are happy to live and work in Uptown San Diego.


     Kris and I have always been environmentally conscious. We’ve recycled since we moved to San Diego in the mid-90s. Every Saturday we would load up our recyclables, paper, metal cans, and plastic bottles, and take them to the recycling center off Pacific Highway.


     We recently lived in Takoma Park, Maryland, where there are chickens in backyards, neighborhood gardens, and a city-wide composting program… recycling is the least you can do! It was there that I consciously stepped away from living the disposable lifestyle. Now, having returned to San Diego to stay, we want to help our community live healthy.


     I have been a believer in natural products since having our first child, Rohan. I was using a typical, harsh national-brand cleanser to clean the bathtub when my grandmother cautioned, “Be careful while working with that, you know it’s harmful for the baby.” Until her warning, I’d never thought about what was in our cleaning products. Since then-our son is now 19-I have used only natural products in our home.  

Earthwell Refill Family-Owned Business
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