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Nature Bunny Says Vol. 6

Lots of great changes are happening at Earthwell Refill. We are partnering with new vendors (many from San Diego) and bringing more natural plant-based products to our customers! Check out what’s new!

We’ve finally found a new face wash and face cream that we are sure our customers will love. We are grateful to our dedicated customers who asked the folks at Crunchie to consider a refill option, and it’s become a reality! We now offer Crunchie Foaming Face Wash ($1.09/oz) in Lavender and Citrus for normal to dry skin and Tea Tree for normal to oily skin. To complement the Foaming Face Wash, we also carry Crunchie Face Cream ($2.99/oz). Crunchie Face Wash & Face Cream, when used together, is specifically formulated to keep the face’s natural pH at 5.5 for optimum skin health and to prevent breakouts. They are dedicated to providing all natural, premium quality, daily use products at an affordable price. All products are all natural; enriched with plant derived bioavailable vitamins C, B5 and E; vegan and scented with therapeutic grade essential oils. Come in and try some!

Also new to Earthwell Refill is Buluh Straws, another San Diego vendor, to provide our customers with quality bamboo straws. These bamboo straws originate in nature and are biodegradable, sustainable, and organically grown. Not only beautiful, Buluh Straws are strong, durable, and 100% natural, containing NO inks or dyes. We sell a 2 pack with scrub brush for $4.50 and an 8 pack, with scrub brush and carrying case, for $15.99.

We travelled all the way to Julian to find these great Bath Fizzies from Add Joy Artisan Products. We offer 3 different scents to choose from for a relaxing bath experience: rosemary/lemongrass, ylang ylang/sweet orange, and lavender. Drop your fizzie into the tub and enjoy the effervescing, champagne-like effect!

The wait is finally over... we are now carrying Tangie products! Tangie shares the same ethos as we do, no extra packaging needed. We are happy to offer the Stain Remover Bar, which naturally removes grease, blood, grass stains and more for $7.99. In addition, Tangie’s Shave Cream Soap Bar ($8.99) is shaped like a dome to fit in your hand, is a natural anti-fungal, and leaves your skin, soft, calm, and nurtured.

Unfortunately, EcosPro no longer offers their hand soap in a 55-gallon drum, so we are now offering Sun and Earth Light Citrus Hand Soap as part of our value line. This gentle and effective liquid hand soap has no skin irritating perfumes, dyes, or preservatives while still keeping your skin soft and smooth use after use.

Reducing Before We Recycle!

To date, we have refilled over 2,000 containers! Pat yourself on the back for making this happen!

Did you know you could get a massage at Earthwell Refill? Yup, that’s right! Jasmine Cherry, our licensed massage therapist, specializes in Deep Tissue, Structural Integration, and Sensory Re-Patterning, and now offers Herbal Detoxification. Not only can massage relax your stress, it can also strengthen your body’s immune system. Go to our website for a list of her services and prices.

Upcoming Events

Katrina will talk about the need to stop using plastics at this year’s Kuumba Fest, held at the Lyceum Theater on February 22-25.

On Saturday, March 10 at 12 pm, The Rose Wine Bar in South Park is hosting a Women’s Clothing Swap. Go here for more information: San Diego Clothing Swap

Save the date, April 22, for this year’s Earth Day Fair held in Balboa Park. Click on the link for more details: Earth Fair 2018

Earthwell Refill is working with San Diego establishments such as Park and Rec in University Heights, The Pearl Hotel in Point Loma, and Crow and Lilac in Julian to continue to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Please patronize these eco-conscious establishments and let them know you support their efforts to minimize their waste.

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