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Zero Waste Resources from Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell recently did a Zero Waste event at our store and followed up with some great resources and tips for your Zero Waste journey!

I wanted to share some resources that have helped me along my path to reducing waste, so that you have something to reference as you continue learning how to incorporate zero waste principles into a lifestyle that works for you.


There are tons of inspirational and practical books about living zero waste. The first 3 books are large-scale solutions to creating zero waste communities and the last 2 books offer practical advice for individuals and families to implement a zero waste lifestyle.

1. Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by Michael Braungart and William McDonough

I discussed this book in the workshop - It’s all about how we need to design and manufacture products to be zero waste from conception to completion

We also learned about the Cradle to Cradle documentary from Marisol.

2. The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability -- Designing for Abundance by Michael Braungart and William McDonough

The follow-up book to Cradle to Cradle - A big vision for how businesses, governments and cities can actually improve the environment and create a world of abundance

Connett describes successful zero waste initiatives around the globe, inspiring communities to re-envision their waste management processes. This book is a toolkit to encourage communities to handle their waste in sustainable ways rather than burning it or throwing it in a landfill.

4. Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

Bea discusses how her family of four lives a zero waste lifestyle with practical tips and advice on how to reduce your life and live sustainably.

This book was inspired by Amy’s year-long experiment to live completely zero waste. It is filled with practical tips and ideas to minimize waste in each area of your house and includes a comprehensive recycling guide.


In addition to books, I love following blogs for practical ideas and DIY recipes. Plus reading about others’ experiences in transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle reminds me that I am not alone in the challenges I face, and keeps me motivated to find solutions that work for me!

1. Litterless - Blogger Celia

Includes a fantastic directory of where to shop and where to drop off food scraps for compost by state. Also includes a comprehensive list of online bulk and refill stores.

2. Going Zero Waste - Blogger Kathryn

Includes tons of practical articles on how to live sustainably in every aspect of your life from zero waste holidays to weddings to travel to taking care of pets.

3. Zero Waste Home - Blogger Bea (author of the bestselling book Zero Waste Home)

I mentioned Bea’s book already, but I wanted to mention her blog particularly for the Bulk Finder. You can type in your location, and bulk stores in the area will populate including grocery stores, pet stores, tea shops, etc. This is a great resource when you’re traveling and looking for bulk options in new places!

4. Homestead and Chill - Blogger Deanna

This is not explicitly a zero waste blog, but it is a homesteading blog created by a master gardener who grows the majority of her own food, raises chickens, composts, ferments and preserves food, and lots of other homestead activities that are naturally low waste.

5. With Gratitude - Blogger Sarah (me!)

Last but not least, this is my blog where I write about living a conscious and sustainable life. I write about zero waste living along with DIY recipes and projects, mindfulness, and travel.

The "R"s of Sustainability

I wanted to include the 6 "R's of sustainability:

1. Refuse

2. Reduce

3. Reuse

4. Repurpose

5. Rot

6. Recycle

Two more:

7. Renovate

8. Repair

I encourage you all to do your research to find sustainable ways to implement changes into your own life. Most importantly, HAVE FUN on the journey! Practice compassion for yourself and others, enjoy doing your part to take care of Mother Earth, and spread the word! We are #Changemakers!!

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